Family Picture Specials!


Yes, we are happy that it's our 15th year in business.  A lot has changed since then, not just the technology and industry, but the value people put on pictures.  Now more than ever, people are taking pictures, mostly with their cell phones.  That's great, but hardly any are printed.  That's sad!  What pictures will you, your children and grandchildren look at years from now.  Even if your pictures are saved on drives, they are not guaranteed to work (remember they are still electronic) technology will change and you may not be able to open them.  

That's why I have decided to celebrate my 15th year and to celebrate your family! Now is the perfect time to update your family picture with one that is actually printed, (and yes you get the file too!).  You and your family will be posed and lit correctly and you will now have an updated picture of your loved ones.  I just announced this the other day in person to 2 people and they booked, so do not wait because we will sell out!