• We are excited to be offering  TALKING BUSINESS CARDS at Jules Portrait.  In this technical world we all work in, staying up to date will make you look good not to mention make money for your business.  This is a combination of still pictures and videos done in a short clip to show potential clients who you are.  Now they can be played from printed material such as newspaper ads, flyers, business cards and websites. See blow for more information.


Wow, I want one, how can I make this?

  • We have several groups of cards to choose from, starting with a simple video with a short script up to a more complex video with various pictures (moving & still) and music.  We can help you prepare your script or you can write your own.  All the TBC should be kept short like 15-60 seconds.  Jules can take your opening headshot and create the video or you can add up to 5 of your own images and a short video,  if they are of high quality.  Of course practicing your lines will ensure this process to move along quickly, but we are very patient and will make you feel comfortable as we realize this is something you normally do not do.

  • What can I do with this?

  • Once your TBC is finished, it takes about 2-3 weeks to produce.   You can embed it in your emails, website, share in on  social media or just send people your link.  Once your client or potential client views your card they can add you as a contact or call you (if viewing on their phone), replay it, all with a simple click of a button!

  • How much time will I need?

  • To take your executive head shot picture allow 15 minutes. To record your video I would allow an hour because we are not actors!  So all together allow 90 minutes and if you would like to have professional makeup done before that normally takes 45 minutes prior.    We want to make sure your project looks clean & perfect because we want you to attract great clients!

  • This is a must!!!   Professional Hosting and/or LivePortrait Sharing

  • This is what everyone is talking about, LivePortrait sharing!  Take your talking business card  and then watch it be played directly from your printed picture, say on a business card, newspaper/magazine ad or even your website.  The client just has to have the free downloaded LivePortrait app on their smartphone and like magic, your business card comes to life!  Imagine a potential client reading a magazine or newspaper on the patio, taking their phone, scanning the app at your printed picture and then seeing your video!  Wow is what everyone is saying!  3 years of hosting this feature is also included in our price.  This is great for real estate, insurance, doctors, car dealers, models, resumes, plumbers, really for any profession, it will make a statement!

  • Cost

  • Talking business cards start at $475 and include a new headshot file for your own use and 3 years of hosting your TBC on LivePortrait.  Jules will photograph and video you in the studio and help you get the best results.  If you have professional images (no more than 5)  or a short video clip already taken you may insert them in your card or we can create new ones for you.  We also do on location shooting and creative video production, please ask us for a quote.  You want to stand out from the crowd and this is the way to do it!

  • Types of Talking Business Cards Offered

Business headshot $125 (required with any TBC)

Type of Business Cards:

  • Get To Know Me: $350, just you talking, no images added.

  • Look At Me: $425, The beginning and the end shows you with up to 4 images added in the middle.

  • Partners: $450, Great for 2 people in the video, such as husband & wife team or business partners.

  • This Is What I Offer: $525 shows you talking throughout the video and has music along with  text added in various spots to give it more professional look.

  • Here's my story: $600-up.  Please ask for a quote.  This can have a variety of options from on location pictures & video, music, and a very detailed script.  Custom designed to give you the wow factor.  

Tips on making your Talking Business Card:

  • Your headshot will be retouched along with any still images we add into your video.  However video can not be retouched so make sure you look your best that day.  Most important we want you to look relaxed but confident, remember we want to bring business to you.  Keep it simple!  This is not a commercial and doesn't have to be long at all.  People don't listen pass 17 seconds for videos so have what you want them to know right in the beginning.  We are here to help you & we are very patient.  It will all work out and you will be so glad you took the time to create something that will have people talking!