Pricing For Product and Digital Files

The Process:

Once we have finished creating your beautiful pictures we will schedule your ordering appointment.  We ask that the main decision makers attend this appointment as this is when you will place and put a deposit down on your order.  We are now offering two ways to purchase your prints, products and/or digital files.   You may now purchase digital files only via "Ala Carte" or order portraits  through our "Create A Collection".  Through "Create A Collection" you can order what you want to purchase with pricing that is better than "Ala Carte" and it includes  ALL DIGITAL FILES from this session.  



A.   Up to 8 low res files printable up to 8x10 size  $649

B.    Up to 8 high res files printable up to 30x40 size  $960



Follow the 2 steps below to complete your order.

1. Choose a Limited Edition Product:

   A. Wall Art (16x20 and up) starting at $275

   B. Album or Image Box (10 or more images) starting at $325

2. Choose Digital Files:

     A.  All Files (low res printable up to 8x10) $449

     B. All Files (High Res printable up to 30x40)  $659

Of course you can add on the various other products we offer such as cards, announcements, frames and painted fine art when you order from "Create A Collection".  Request our full price list!


  • With the "Create  A Collection " you have the option of creating your own package to fulfill your own needs at a better price than Ala Carte.  The "Create A Collection"  gives you all of your digital images on a crystal USB drive and can choose between any of our wall art portraits or albums.    Whatever you desire, we can give you! 



You will get a beautiful drive with your images on it and at the same time we will upload your images to our print fulfillment lab ( jules) which links to our professional printing lab.  They will provide you with a printed piece that is very similar in quality as the one we would print you. The printer is a pro-lab and is competitive in pricing  as other consumer labs. The pictures will be color calibrated correctly and printed perfectly with no trouble for you.  Best of all it can then be delivered right to your door with no shipping costs!  It's very easy but if you should have trouble figuring it out, we are here to help you.    Prices are subject to change.