Giving back is always a plus to your community

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fb2fb4Jules Portrait was honored to be chosen to photograph Rich and Luanne Allen, as this year's  recipient of the Annual Distinguished Award from the Hendricks House.  The Hendricks House is located in Cumberland County for the past 20 years.

From Addiction to Recover the Hendricks House offers a proven solution to the problems of men with alcohol and/or drug dependencies. Over 400 clients each year complete our three-month minimum treatment program, which results in exceptionally high recovery rates as residents are therapeutically restored to a productive life.

Helping to Maintain a Healthy Balance Clients receive support in a wide variety of areas: • Hendricks House maximizes client outcomes using research based treatment approaches. • Motivation interviewing is used with all clients to assist them to improve the quality of their lives. • We assist clients with moving through the stages of change so they can be actively engaged in their recovery. • Clients are taught the life skills to live independently in order to be able to return to family and society. • Clients are assisted with developing responsible behavior patterns and learning how to maintain employment. • Since each client is an individual and has unique needs, their treatment goals are designed specifically for them, and their progress towards these goals is reviewed weekly at the Multidisciplinary Treatment Team Meeting. • All clients’ spiritual beliefs are respected and encouraged, and can be an integral part of their recovery. • Clients are taught stress management techniques, and self care practices to be able to address all their needs. • Every staff member at Hendricks House has positive regard for the clients they serve. A Variety of Therapeutic Tools Through study, individual, group therapy, peer support, shared experiences, and counseling over an extended period, clients acquire the attitudes and skills necessary to sustain a sober and responsible lifestyle. Strong 12-Step Orientation Clients attend 12-Step meetings and learn about the principles and importance of attendance to continue a strong recovery.

Congratulations to the Allens for their strong dedication to the Hendricks House as well as other organizations in the community.