Our Mother's Day gift to you

Every woman is a mother in one way or another.  The caring, nurturing and worrying is just embedded in the female gender.  Reflecting on being a mother to 3 sons over the past 18 years I can honestly say there were times I loved it and other times I wanted to scream.  I suppose it's how life goes, because I can remember the battles I had with my mom.  As they grown I see they don't need me as much as they use to, but they still need me for sometimes the silliest of things. I found this quote and this sums up my life as a mother in this point in my life. pictures are the best way to remember this time in your life.

“As my kids have gotten older and wander the world, the pride and anxiety I felt as a new mom continues, but now has new colors. Handing over control and trust to a babysitter for the first time has evolved to a sendoff to college or a move to a far away city. The pride is mixed with wistfulness as they gain independence, or shift their first loyalties to a spouse. But even as they grow up and away, I celebrate when the used-to-be little boy and girl say, “I love you Mom!”       Susan, Sales Manager - Mother of two; 31 yr old son and 27 yr daughter.

I have plenty of pictures from over the years of my children, us together and my extended family.  I cherish them, I do look at them and noticed how we have grown, changed and how our little world has evolved.  Without those pictures, I would have a fuzzy memory and sometimes the pictures bring back the memory.

Now since I'm feeling all this love, I'm giving a Mother's Day gift out.  From Noon today until Noon on Monday May 12th, book a session that must be taken by July 25th  and receive   35% off any Jules Portrait or ShowUrSexy package. (You do know most mom's are hot).  So if you always have  wanted a family picture, a picture of just your children or a glamour picture of just you, this would be the time to book it.  You can book your session through our contact us form on our website, or call the studio 856-696-3968 or text 856-305-6008.  I do hope you take advantage of this great gift and it will last longer than the flowers you probably will get.  Happy Mother's Day!