beach pictures Summer officially starts this weekend and to kick off the beach season here in Ocean City, NJ, Jules Portrait is offering some tips for great family beach pictures.  As south jersey's family beach photographer for over 12 years, we have seen a lot of families on the beach for pictures.

Here are a few tips to make the experience of having a New Jersey Beach picture a fun and positive experience.

1. Relax.  It will all work out.  Don't make a project of what you will wear.  Of course you want to put some thought into it, since this is your family picture that you ail have for years.  But often, people get too freaked out over their outfit choices and then either the appointment is not made or you'll drive everyone crazy.

2. Let Mom pick her outfit out first, because if she doesn't look, there's no picture:)  Pick an outfit that flatters you, sometimes less skin showing is better.  A color that will make you as well as the others in your group, look good.  You do not have to have the same exact style shirt or color.  if you do that's fine, but sometimes a little variety works well.  I always suggest to put the tops everyone's wearing on the bed and see how they blend.  This way when you have your family beach picture, the picture will look just right.

3.  Tan lines and too much sun can make the picture not so good.  Of course a little color is nice, but if you are out on the beach all day and now you're red and have del tan lines, that will show in the pictures.  We can make some adjustments during processing but overall, it's going to be difficult to remove them in your outdoor family portrait.

4.  Wind.  yes, the wind tends to blow most of the time along the jersey shore for beach pictures.  A breeze is a natural thing that happens but remember if you think your hair will be a problem, either pull it back or put enough hair spray on to hold it in place.  We do remove fly-aways but if a big piece is flying in someone's face or worse yet, your face, that's impossible to remove.

5.  Be professional.  Not you, you're suppose to have fun, this is your south jersey family beach picture!  What I mean and will stress is to use a professional photographer.  They are many out there, but not as many as the part time, here's your disk & you deal with it, so called photographers.  You have to choose and work with a photographer that makes you comfortable, is business like, knows the industry and has reputable vendors and products to offer you. Jules Portrait has been in business for many years and stands behind her work as well as handles it from start to finish.  We know how to pose and light you correctly to give your family beach picture that professional but comfortable look.  We do hope you contact us for your family beach session and take advantage of our family package special for this summer!