A Day with Kate Banks


Recently,  I had the honor of photographing nationally known author Kate Banks.  Kate has written many children's books over the years, such as Max's Words, And If The Moon Could Talk and her latest release City Cat.

It was a beautiful sunny day in France when I arrived at the train station and was greeted by Kate Banks.  We hopped in her car and headed towards her home.  Kate is  a petite, vibrant, woman who I immediately felt comfortable with.  Arriving at her home, I could see how easy it is for Kate to  write.  Her home is on a beautiful canvas;  yards of green grass with lemon trees, a spectacular view of the Mediterranean and a grotto.  This grotto is very spiritual, peaceful and is where Kate finds her thoughts and inspirations.  I myself, would be in that yard as much as I could if I lived there .

Upon entering her home, I couldn't help but notice how elegant and simple they live.  I absolutely loved her study, and that is where Kate opened her bookcase and took out most of the books she has written.  As I looked at the books, I could only imagine the millions of children that have had her words and thoughts read to them.

City Cat, which is now released and is on Amazon's book to get list, is a book adults would love as well.  It is about a cat that goes on a journey throughout Europe.  Here is a trailer for this book.


Kate Banks not only is an author but she is a natural healer.  She is trained in numerous energy medicine techniques and is a certified hypnotist and practicing regression therapist.  Kate gave me some pointers on different foods to eat to help promote a better body for later in life.  Throughout her career Kate Banks was the winner of the Boston Globe-Horn Book Award and the Charlotte Zolotow Award.  Her best known children's book Max's Words, won numerous awards throughout the United States and is used in several school systems as a learning tool.  As I said earlier, it was indeed an honor to meet Kate Banks and to see her world.  I found it very interesting and informative the knowledge that she has as well as the gift of writing.