What goes around….

Sandy Puc' iPhone shot
Sandy Puc' iPhone shot

Well as you read yesterday, I was having my own family beach portrait taken by photographer Sandy Puc'.  The day luckily was uneventful which is always a plus.  The only negative was that my 16 year old Evan, the one that was not happy about his shorts, woke up with a head cold.  I assumed he was feeling better throughout the day but when he came home from school he passed out on the couch.  Ok, maybe if he slept for 30 minutes, he would feel better.  Meanwhile, Sam called me and we discussed our options and decided to skip the Atlantic City area and head to the beach.  She doesn't get to experience beach pictures much since she's from Colorado and we are also beach people , so it was a win win.

Now originally we were going to meet earlier and do some on the AC boardwalk and then head to the beach but now since it was the beach only,  we decided to leave the time the same since it was cloudy and there was a chance for rain.  Everyone got ready with no problem except for Evan.  He was passed out of the couch.  After trying to wake him a few times, finally I yelled for him to get up, get in the shower and don't mess this up, because she's only here for one day.  Luckily the shower made him look more alive.  So alive, that he started to complain again about his shorts, but too bad, we are all ready, let's go!

We all met up in Ocean City, and it was so nice to see Sam and Nic again and to meet her other son, Alec.  The boys were excited and of course when Sam told them how handsome they were, they just thought they were the bomb. Oh yeah, Sam's sons liked Evan's shorts and now Ross wants to take them from Evan.  Go figure.

Now our cameras do have the capability to record video and I have dabbled with it but Sam has incorporated video into her family pictures.  Actually that was going to be Nic's job, working the video.  Sam decided to choose Ross to have the mike hidden on him.  This way whatever is said between us, will be recorded.  How nice.  No, not really.  Have you heard teenage boys talk?  I immediately shot all 3 of them a look that I hope they knew I would strangled them if they said anything out of line.  I could only pray.  lol.

Now remember Evan was under the weather and once we got there he started complaining about a headache.  Like any prepared mother, I didn't have Advil with me.  But then I remembered I had an emergency kit in the back & luckily it had a pack of Tylenol in there.  Perfect.  As Evan took the pills he told us that the expiration date was 1996.  Ok, this may end up being " A Weekend at Bernies"  picture.

We were now ready to head out to the beach and start our south jersey family beach pictures.  We lined up as Sam directed, posed and gave our best smiles.  And guess what joined us in our picture?  Knats.  Anyone familiar with the Jersey Shore knows that when there's a west wind, the bugs are terrible.  We even sprayed before we walked out there but they don't care.  They were all over us, on our legs, in front of our eyes and I think there was even a nest in my hair.  My boys love to complain and they were doing it quietly amongst us how the bugs were awful.  But don't forget we're being recorded.

My family moved throughout the area posing here and there for family pictures.  For a while I forgot that I am a beach photographer and enjoyed the attention being given to us.  I have followed Sam's style for several years so I was comfortable with what she was asking us to do and it was nice to see the different techniques used.  The ocean water was still very chilly so when we were near there we had to pretend it wasn't so bad, which really it wasn't.  The weather however was changing for the worst and at times the breeze would kick up and the sky was getting darker.  I knew thunderstorms were on it's way but like I tell my clients, we'll be fine.

We posed on the rocks and I think they were coming out nice except my hair was blowing.  Sometimes when you are trying to get the perfect picture on the beach, due to the shore line, you have to face a certain direction and that can mean your hair is not looking so well.  It did enter my mind while we were taking pictures that the little things that were happening to us, happens to my clients and I try to make light of it but now I'm on the other side and I think I may not look my best.  First the bugs, now the darker skies and thunder, and let's not forget the wind blown hair, what else could there be?

A wave of water.  That's what exactly happened.  So this is how it went down.   We changed direction to help save my hairdo and now I'm sitting on the rocks with the boys around me.  The waves are crashing lightly around us.  But as you know, the ocean never moves the same and a gush of water and a splash from the wave, the next thing I know my entire bottom it wet.  And I'm not talking about my feet either.  Great, now I feel like a 2 year old who had an accident, lol.  But then again, I've told parents during their newborn sessions not to worry and relax, because now that your newborn just peed all over you, look at the great pictures we're getting.

Well anyway, we did some more poses and I'm sure now I'm going to want that photo album that I said I wasn't going to get because I could tell how nice the pictures were coming out.  And I can only imagine what was recorded on video, sound wise, with me & the boys.  Because once we started we forgot about the mike and as usual, we got comfortable and really weren't paying attention about what was "correctly" being said.   I was also interviewed about my sons, what they mean to me, what makes them special and what I would like for them to become.  I have the gift of gab, but when I'm put on the spot like that, I am just not very good.  I'm sure it will be pieced together perfectly to make it look like I was just on 20/20.  And you might be wondering, how was Chad, since normally he's an imp.  He was fine, Ross was charming and Evan pulled it all together and you would not know he was under the weather.

Well we were now finished and as we walked back to the cars, it started to drizzle and by the time I left the island, it was pouring.  We were so lucky that we started earlier than when a normal family beach picture would be taken, because we would have been rained out.  Within a few weeks, I will once again be like my clients, trying to narrow down pictures, figure out where to put them and figure my budget.

Over dinner, well you didn't think the boys would not cash in on a chance to eat out, they all were glad we did the pictures and are looking forward to seeing them.  Of course they want a say in which ones I choose and they're worried about their acne and I'm worried about my whole body.  But even if this is the one and only time I do this with my sons, I am glad that I did because pictures are a record of the time in your life.  Our picture will be printed to be passed down years from now and hung proudly on our walls.   Our life is healthy, happy and just plain good.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  Thank you Sam for offering this family beach session to fellow photographers!