Best Beaches for a weekend get away in South Jersey

Ocean City NJ vacation spots make great pictures of children.

With the start of the Summer season, many people across the Tri-State area visit the 120 miles of ocean frontage that New Jersey has to offer. Of that, 40 beaches have lifeguards on duty to watch over the swimmers in the Atlantic Ocean.   So no wonder,  many families flock to the beaches to stay for week vacations or even for day trips.

Fun has complied a list of the Jersey shore beaches that are great for weekend getaways.  They are many of the beaches that Jules Portrait uses for family portraits.  I'm glad that all of the beaches we use to make family pictures on, made the list but I must say, I think the ranking is a little off balance.  Needless to say, let's take a look at their list of the South Jersey beaches.

Ocean City, NJ has one of the best beaches to have family pictures taken on.  Here is my own family and this is a great family picture pose, thanks to Sandy Puc'.

Coming in at number #2 is beautiful Ocean City, NJ.  Ocean City has 8 miles of wonderful beaches along with the fun family boardwalk that is like no other.  I have to admit that I have taken many family pictures in Ocean City over the years and the families make a night of it.  They arrive dressed for the night for their family portraits and then head up to the boardwalk to enjoy the great food and rides.

Wildwood makes the list at #5 and Atlantic City comes in at #6.  Now close to Atlantic City are the beaches of Longport, Margate and Ventor which sadly did not make the list.  Great food and bars along with beautiful homes, I'm surprised it didn't make the cut.  But that's ok, because family pictures on those 3 beaches rock.

The Jersey Shore offers great sunsets and picture taking while on summer vacation here in Longport, New Jersey.

Let's head way down South now, to the beaches of Cape May coming in at #8 and Sunset beach at #12.  Cape May has it's Victorian charm but Sunset beach has the most beautiful sunsets one can image.  And if it's sunset pictures you are looking for, Sunset beach is the place to be.  But beware, both beaches guard their dunes with their lives!

If you're on vacation on the beaches of Avalon, Stone Harbor and Sea Isle City call Jules to find the right spot  to have your family picture taken.  

With no surprise, this trio of beach towns proudly made the list and this is where I spend my getaways.  We have Stone Harbor at #10, Sea Isle City #13 and Avalon at #14.  Between all three towns, you will have great food and drinks, gorgeous homes, lovely beach front and let's not forget about great clothes shopping.  And if you're lucky there may even be the town's weekly concert playing that you can enjoy once your pictures are finished.

One thing for sure, New Jersey does have a beautiful canvas to take your family picture or senior picture on and Jules Portrait is the one to do it.  For over 13 years we have be doing just that and we hope to see you this summer.  Contact us today to schedule your session on one of NJ's beaches!