How To Create A Timeless Picture Of Your Little Girl.

This portrait was painted using light brush strokes on canvas.

This portrait was painted using light brush strokes on canvas.

I'm sure you have a million pictures of your little girl.  Running through the grass, siting on a chair smiling so cute, dressed up in a frilly dress. Most you took, the others may have been professional or maybe not as professional.  Out of that bunch of pictures, there's probably 2 that just make your heart melt.  They are the two you most likely have hanging on a wall, made copies for relatives, will probably use in her yearbook and it's probably the one you will look back on the week of her wedding.

Almost always, Jules fairy portraits are one of the timeless pictures that you will have forever.  This is not something you do every year and it's not for everyone.  This is a session that will take your daughter on a journey of putting on a fairy outfit, spinning around, looking in the mirror at her wings and smiling when the floral headpiece goes on.  As she gazes down into her reflection she sees how beautiful she looks, you see how quick she is growing up.  

So precious and pure.  Was it painted 200, 50, or 2 years ago? 

It's magic she says as she reaches for the butterflies.  Yes, for a moment we are all in a make believe land, creating a timeless piece of art that everyone will cherish forever.  Why buy a painting of a child to hang in your own foyer, stairway or dining room, when you can have your own daughter or daughters in the picture.  

The outfits we have for you to wear are custom made of the finest material and designed like no other.  There's no pressure for you to find something for her to wear, you can choose to have her hair done, but most times that's not necessary.  This is the one picture session that your little girl will talk about many years from now.  This is the one group of pictures that you will want to show everyone.  And this is the picture that will be passed down to your daughter, then her daughter and so on.  

Join us for this magical experience during the month of August and September.  Due to the complex setting this is only offered during this of the year.  Remember, time flies by so quickly and before you know it she may be too old for this and we can't turn back time.  We do hope to see you in either of our studios!