Family Pictures That Make You Look Good

One of the most important things when having a family portrait taken are your outfits. It's hard to let alone get a group of people together to have the picture taken but now you have to worry about what to wear.  I always suggest that the main women in the picture pick their outfits out first and then dress the others to match.  Pick an outfit that make you look your best as well as a color that looks good on you.  You can do the same tone or you can pull 3 tones that go good together to give it a variety.  Color group like navy, white, gray work well, black, beige and cream go well together too.  Once you schedule your appointment, I can send you a color chart that will help make this process easier.  

This family has photos taken every 3-4 years to preserve their family history.

Another thing to consider when having your family picture taken is the location.  Pick a spot that is not too distracting where there's no cars or people walking in the background.  You don't need a large area, just big enough to pose everyone.

Which brings me to the next topic, posing.  Few people know how to pose naturally.  Most need guidance.  Jules Portrait takes the time to pose you so you look natural and at your best.  Don't worry about your double chin or rolls.  When you are posed correctly you will look like you lost 5-10 pounds.  Jules also retouches just enough but not so much that people don't  recognize you.

So go ahead, take the time to schedule you family photo because the right way is the best way!