Little girls and Tutu Dresses

Don't you just love how the dresses flow?

Little girls should run around and play in the yard, all while dressed up in tutu dresses.  How pretty the dresses compliment each other.  And at the same time I stopped and thought that hardly any more do mothers dress their daughters up in dresses like this.  Now don't get mad, yes you do dress your daughter up pretty and cute, but the dresses that a big and flow with the wind are not that common right now.

She's so beautiful with that super cute smile and blue eyes!

The girls had fun running in the yard and spinning around. And when they sat down or even laid on their stomachs, the material of the dresses just added to everything.  This definitely adds to the picture and to the story.  Maybe every little girl should have a dress that let's them be free as the wind!