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Copy of Things to do with your child this Summer around Philly and Cherry Hill

Summer's here!  For a few short months your child is off from school and you may have a week's vacation planned.  But maybe you are going to take an extra day off week from work and do a day trip with your children.  Well here's a few ideas to do with your children for ages 3-9 around the Philadelphia, New Jersey and Delaware areas.

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Fairy Pictures For Your Little Girls | Jules Portrait Haddonfield NJ

Now is the time of the year we have our Limited Edition Fairy Portraits going on.  As you know we have the custom made outfits and headpieces!  Our set is designed so your little girl truly feels she's in a magical place.  Before you know it she will be too old for this timeless piece of art, so don't wait any longer to schedule your session.

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Little girls and Tutu Dresses

Little girls should run around and play in the yard, all while dressed up in tutu dresses.  How pretty the dresses compliment each other.  And at the same time I stopped and thought that hardly any more do mothers dress their daughters up in dresses like this.  Now don't get mad

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