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Beautiful Beach Pictures at the Jersey Shore with Jules Portrait

Beach pictures, if done right, with the right posing, lighting and conversation (yes they have to be relaxed) will give you beautiful pictures.

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Let's Peak at Their Family Beach Picture in Sea isle New Jersey!

New Jersey beaches not only offer sun and sand but they offer a beautiful canvas to have your family picture taken on.  No matter where your family is vacationing, Jules Portrait is the best to capture your great memories of this summer. 

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Digital Files and Pictures Will Make Your Family Smile

So your pictures have been taken and now it's time to place your order.  You have 2 choices.  The first choice is Ala Carte.  You can purchase up to 10 digital files in either low resolution or high resolution.  Low res files can print up to 8x10 in print size and high res files can print up to 30x40 files. 

The 2nd option is Jules' Create A Collection.  With this, you have 2 steps to complete the collection.  First you can choose either a wall portrait, album or image book.  The wall portraits sizes start at 16x20, the albums hold a minimum of 10 pictures to 35 plus and the image boxes hold matted prints from 8 each to 15 each.  Step 2 is to choose either ALL of the digital files from your session in Low Resolution or in High Resolution.  You get the best of both worlds.  Printed pictures to admire and digital images to put on your computer, share with family and print gift prints.

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