What Suit And Tie Should Your Son Wear For Communion?


This seems to be a question I get often when it comes to photographing boys for their Communion pictures.  I guess since I see so many boys each year for 1st Holy Communion pictures, mothers want to know what type of tie do most boys wear.

Nine times out of ten, the boys will have a tie that is colored.  It may be a deep gray, a light silver, even navy.  Of course it depends on the color suit you choose first.


 Hardly any boys will wear a white suit, which was the norm back in the 50's.  Dark gray, medium gray,  navy, and black seem to be the most popular suit colors.  Some will be pin stripe but most are normally solid.  Some will have a suit vest and that will add to your pictures because we can take some pictures without the suit jacket.


Now here is where the boys can make their Communion suits stand out from the others.  They can have their tie in a print or mixed color that compliments their suit and shirt.  Their shirt does not have to be white, in fact, most shirts worn are a different color that goes well with the suit and tie chosen.  I notice most of the boys look like little young business men with the variety of colors worn, rather than the traditional black suit, white top and white tie.


For shoes, since we know the boys will never wear them again, most will go to a discount store and get the black pair that goes with everything.  However, I have seen many nice shoes in brown and black colors that finish off the look of their Communion outfit.  You can look around and see online dress shoes for boys that look very stylish too.  


Once your son is dressed for Communion, you will be so happy you took these simple steps to put a stylish Communion outfit together.  It's not just the girls who get all the attention that day, the boys deserve some too!


Julie Bertonazzi is a mother of 3 sons and has been a professional photographer for 15 years with studios in Haddonfield, NJ and Vineland, NJ.  To see more of her communion pictures for boys, click here.