Today's the day.

2013 christmas eve Today, May 27th, is the day I've been anxiously awaiting for with mixed feelings.  Excited, nervous, frustrated, happy, you name it, I've been feeling it.  Ok, you probably would like to know what is so great about today.

This evening I will be having my own family portrait taken which is exciting in itself, but it's being taken by award winning and nationally acclaimed photographer, Sandy Puc'.

When I started my photography business 12 years ago, Sam (her nickname)  and photographer Dave Junion (whom I also adore) were speaking together in Atlantic City.  I loved what both presented and incorporated some of their ideas into my own photography world.  Over the years I would see them both and also became friends with Sam's son Nic, who also brings a lot to the photography world at the young age of 16.

So a few months back, I saw that Sam would be presenting a  workshop and one stop would be in Atlantic City, which is close to me.  It sparked my interest.  As I read on, I saw she would also be offering a photography session for fellow photographers while she was in town.

Now, one would think that since I promote South Jersey  family pictures, because life's too short, people change, and blah blah blah, that I would have a family portrait with me and  my three teenage sons.  I do  have a half fast one taken from my former graphic designer about 3 years ago that's ok.  But I never had a real session where we do a few poses, enjoy the time and then pick one main picture out to display on the wall.  Now this is something that I should really think about doing since my oldest son is graduating high school.

Before I reserved anything, at dinner, I asked the boys if they would be interested in this.  This was not to be taken lightly, I don't care if you have a track meet, homework, ortho appointment, even if the Pope was coming to town, this was the only day we were going to be able to have our family portrait taken.  I guess the moon and the stars were lined up right, because without a hassle, they all agreed.  Perfect.  So I thought, I wonder if Nic would come out here with his Mom since it was close to Memorial Day weekend.  He thought that was a great idea so he will be with us and I bet taking pictures or video during our session. This is going to be fun and now I can't wait.

Hmmm.  Now that means I need to pick out outfits.  This is something we may not do again  for a few years and the plan is for this family beach picture to go on my wall.  Well I guess I'll practice what I preach.  I tell my clients that the mother must pick her outfit out first and dress everyone around her.  Let's face it, if I don't like what I'm wearing, I'm not getting it.  And besides, this is a Sandy Puc' portrait so I better figure it out.

Now this is another tip I give my clients.  Look in your closets.  Ten to one, you already have something to wear and you don't need to go out and buy all new outfits.  Why stress yourself out?  This is suppose to be fun and enjoyable.  So of course a month went by and I still didn't pick out my outfit.  Oh and did I mention, I was going to exercise religiously and loose 10 pounds and tone up.  Yeah, that didn't happen either.  See, it's not just you.

Well I did happen to have a new dress that I bought before reserving my family portrait that fit all the requirements to making me look like I did do some exercising.  Phew, that's done, now on to the 3 son's outfits.  Well since my dress had blue tones and white in it I figured blues for the them.  Opened Ross' closet and he had a new dark blue shirt that he could wear with white shorts.  This is going well.  Evan's closet. Nothing.  Chad's closet. Nothing.  Ok, time to surf the internet.

So for 3 nights, I looked on different websites looking for that perfect top that looked normal, trendy and was the right color.  3 nights it took me.  Finally, I found a top for Evan, because God forbid he should have to wear a button shirt.  But looking for a shirt for Chad I just wasn't feeling it.  We needed something different, maybe an accent color.  Yes, let's bring in a copper/rust color.  That would go well with the blues in everyone else's outfits.  Well as dumb luck would have it, I found a perfect shirt with white and that orangey color I was looking for and then found a different shade of blue shorts for him.  Ok, we are on a roll.  But with only one person wearing the accent color, maybe another person should have that color as well.  Who else but Evan.  He didn't have shorts yet so how hard could it be to find copper color shorts for men?  One.  One site.  One item out of the 1000 men shorts I looked at online, offered the perfect color to pull the whole family picture together.  So I ordered it.  Done.

So now the orders came in and they all fit.  Except my most pickiest son Evan, with the perfect color copper shorts, had a problem.  They came a 1/4" above his knee cap.  Really? For one day is it going to kill you to wear them for one hour so I can get my family picture taken?  Yes.  He had a fit.  This is the frustration part, in case you're wondering.  "I look stupid.  No one wears shorts like this.  I can't pull them down lower to make them look a 1/4" longer." On and on.  So like a dope, I went back online to look again because maybe I missed that longer pair. I noticed that most of the shorts I was seeing, were the same length as he had and really is this the end of the world?  No.  So I told him, that's that, you are wearing them. So far, I haven't heard anymore about it, but I'm sure I will tomorrow.

Now, the next part I needed to do, was find the perfect spot in the Atlantic City area for our south jersey family picture.  Sam isn't familiar with this area and my picture should be fabulous. lol.  So I spent Sunday morning looking around, trying to figure out where and after having not much luck, I thought, if you were taking the picture what would you do?  Wait till that day because for some reason, when I don't worry and fret, everything falls into place.  And that's my plan.  I think between all of us, we will find a spot that captures my family and the moment and no matter what, even if it's in a parking lot, it will be a great picture.

So stay tuned for how our south jersey family picture session turns out.  And in case your wondering about what shoes we are wearing, we are doing flip flops or bare feet.  I don't think I could deal with any more.